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Do You Need More Supportive Women In Your Life? Look no further…

My next experience was the best yet and it came in the form of a whisper…

How To Feel Better in Less Than a Minute – Yes One Minute

I want to share with you a relaxing and rejuvenating technique that’s so quick and easy that you’ll probably be suspicious about how effective it could possibly be – I can I assure you that it does work and I use it on a daily basis.

Getting Over Myself #4

Getting Over Myself #4

The windows of my bedroom display a faded Finding Nemo scene and there’s iron bars across. Most windows in Vietnamese apartments seem to have bars on, I can’t work out whether it’s to stop people coming in, or to stop people jumping out.

Cockroaches, Kids & Revisiting The Eighties #3

Cockroaches, Kids & Revisiting The Eighties #3

The weather had taken a turn and whilst it was still 26 degrees, it was very overcast, now reminding me of the UK at its worst. This cast a grey tinge over what was already a both physically and psychologically ‘grey’ scene.

Chaos, Kindness & Tears – my first 3 weeks in Hanoi #1

Chaos, Kindness & Tears – my first 3 weeks in Hanoi #1

As a reminder, I left my life in the UK to start a new life in Vietnam. I’m a 40 year old woman who is feeling the fear and doing it anyway   When I left the UK I wasn’t feeling good at all. It was like a toxic vapour had taken over my mind and my body and I had a...


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