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This is the space that I use to write about things that I actually want to write about and in the way that I want. I love writing, and I guess that’s great as I’m a writer.

Often I have to write about things for work that don’t necessarily interest me on a personal level, or if they do, I’m required to write about them in a certain style (the style of the publication that I’m working for) and to a set word count. This is where blogging comes in.



Generally what moves me to write a post is when I want to share a great or unusual experience that I’ve had, or open a debate about something, or perhaps share an important message – ‘A Message to my Daughter’ is a good example of this.

I bring as much honesty as I can to my writing and hopefully give you added insights that you might not get in more traditional forms of writing, and that’s why I love blogging so much.



One of my main jobs is that I go to yoga and wellbeing retreats and write about them – how cool is that? Years ago if someone would have told me that there was a job even doing such a thing I would have thought no way! But this is my job and I am SO thankful for it.

How it all started is an interesting story (which I’ll write about in more depth at some point), but when I started writing about yoga, I honestly had no idea what it really was, I was just lucky enough to bag a job as a journalist at Yoga Magazine based on my skills as a writer.

When I find something new I get obsessed with researching and finding out every single thing that I can about it, and that’s how my yoga journey began, and indeed a much bigger life journey. People often say to me so ‘how did you get into yoga’? And I say ‘I didn’t, yoga found me’.


My first ever retreat

This was in Ibiza with an amazing woman called Trish Whelan who is a woman of many skills including a Kundalini Yoga Teacher and a Shamanic Practitioner – and you can read the article I wrote about that experience here. That retreat changed my life in many ways.

I’m currently writing from my apartment in Hebden Bridge where I’ve lived all of my life. It’s a beautiful small town in northern England. However, I have plans to move to South East Asia at the end of the summer when my daughter leaves home for university, excuse me while I shed a tear.


Feeling the fear and doing it anyway

This is a saying that strangely has been with me throughout my life. When I was a teenager I had two very dear friends and their mum had read a feminist book by the same title and used to quote from it all the time – we scoffed at this. It was not cool to be a feminist in the 90’s, we didn’t understand it and were far more interested in boys, makeup and clothes. We used to take the piss out of her and each other and constantly say in a really weird hippie voice ‘go on, feel the fear and do it anyway’ and laugh our heads off, totally unaware of the powerful message that we were being given.

I had severe anxiety in my late twenties, you can download the e-book I wrote about it here if you’d like to understand a bit about what I mean. This completely knocked my confidence and influenced the way that I started to live my life, much smaller, less risk taking, less social activities etc. Some years later as I began to manage my anxiety and also think about what I wanted from life in more depth, I started to look at new possibilities, but there was always this massive fear holding me back from taking the first step.


So what did I do?

Well I felt the fear and did it anyway of course! And I have managed to completely change my life to the one that I want, although it hasn’t always been easy or simple or fun. Feeling the fear and doing it anyway is like saying: ‘fuck it, I want this and I’m going to do it no matter how scared or anxious I feel about it’, it’s a very powerful way to live and it’s how I became a professional writer, and many other great things that I never thought possible.

Living this way things don’t always turn out as you plan them or how you’d like or expect, but you ALWAYS learn more about yourself and the next step to take, if any.

So when I move to Vietnam, that’s the biggest feeling the fear thing that I’ll have done so far. My main fears at this time are that I’m a single, middle-aged women moving to the other side of the world away from my family, friends, and most importantly my beloved daughter, to go to a country where I don’t know anyone and can’t speak the language. You’re probably thinking ‘yeah, why is she doing this actually’? Well, there are many reasons and I’ll share them in a future post.


Keep in touch

So I’ll be  sharing my experiences from Vietnam of what it’s like moving over there and trying to build a new life for myself.

I’ll be writing more about why I’m moving to Vietnam and what I think it can offer me in the coming months so please do subscribe to my newsletter below or like my Facebook page if you’d like to get updates when I publish a new post.

Please do comment, like the post, or contact me with any comments as I do genuinely value getting feedback about my work and also just like to make connections with new people who have shared interests – ok I’d like more friends!




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