The Working Woman’s Handbook – by Phoebe Lovatt

The Working Woman’s Handbook – by Phoebe Lovatt


The best gift


I’m really inspired to tell you about this book that a dear friend bought me for my 40th birthday – it was, and still is, the perfect gift. And, even though I’ve had it for nearly a year now, I still refer to it regularly.


Who is this book for?


This book is valuable to any woman who works – simple. It’s particularly valuable if you’re thinking about a career change, starting a new business or trying to grow your hobby into something profitable.


It contains in-depth and insightful information that can be applied to any career. It also contains simple flowcharts, checklists and tips to inspire and help us clarify what it is that we actually want – all narrated in a friendly yet professional tone, with realistic expectations.


Phoebe manages to explain really quite complex and detailed information in a simple, easy to digest, and most importantly enjoyable way. She also shares information that  can only be gathered after years and years of life as a working woman, sharing with us what works and what doesn’t.


Phoebe Lovatt: “Most of us spend the majority of our waking lives at work. It makes sense that we should dedicate some time to learning how to do it well.”


Phoebe has been there, seen it and got the badge. She shares priceless information such as:


‘Managing Social Media Related Anxiety’: “No, you don’t have to adopt the aggressive ‘sharing’ protocol you’ve read about on some random marketing website. Don’t want to post four times a day? Don’t post four times a day. Simple.”



It also contains great advice from other successful creative women like my childhood hero, Neneh Cherry, and Penny Martin – Editor in Chief at The Gentlewoman – the best women’s fashion magazine ever to have been produced.


There’s a heavy emphasis on wellbeing and work-life balance, which is of course is what we’re all about here at The Future of 40.


You’ll find plenty of stories about starting out, rejection, being broke, creativity, perseverance and doing things differently. A truly inspirational read.




Intro: A User’s Guide

The Legwork: How and Where to Start

Work It: Plan Your Work. Work Your Plan.

Make it Work: Make Money. Save Money.

Work Well: Learn. Improve. Evolve.

Working on 100: Balance Your Hustle and Your Health

Outro: Working it Out


5/5 – thanks Phoebe!



If you’d like to buy this wonderful book Amazon currently have it at a reduced price (normally 14.99) below.


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