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Over the last year I have been using something that is perhaps one of the most valuable tools that I have for gathering information, meeting new people, giving and receiving advice, sharing my problems, and also having a laugh.


What on earth could this wondrous thing be I hear you ask? Well, wait for it, it’s Facebook Groups. Please don’t stop reading yet…


Do you hate Facebook?

I expect you probably do. I’ve had a volatile relationship with it over the last few years and I’ve been very tempted to delete my account on many occasions but have always had to withhold as I need it for work. Damn.

I’m not sure it’s really worth me going into the ins and out of what’s so bad about it, or how it makes me feel, we all know. What I’m here to tell you is that I now use Facebook in a completely different way and it actually adds value to my life – for real.


My first experience of being in FB groups was awful

I found them to be full of people with too much time on their hands, talking about mindless bullshit with narrow-minded views and all too ready to put other people and opinions down, and in some cases attack them. They felt like very unsafe, unprotected spaces – not for me at all. I stayed a member of some as locality based groups can be useful for finding out about events and whatnot, but the rest I happily left.


Sexism and rampant misogyny

Last year when I was planning to make a move to Vietnam I had to get involved with groups again. There was certain information that I needed to gather and I could only get it from these groups. Some of them were hideous, and I mean hideous, sexism and misogyny rampant within them and downright bullying. However, I heard mention in one of these groups of a female only group that was supposedly equally as useful, in fact possibly more so if I was planning on moving to Vietnam.

But what I found in this group was a community of women all on their own in a foreign country sharing advice and information and also reaching out for friendship – I was surprised – it was all very supportive.



There’s was also another aspect to the group, women were reaching out to ask for advice about very personal things – mental health, relationships, body image etc. Again I was very surprised, mainly that people were happy to expose themselves online in this way, but this was the beauty of a female only supportive space, people felt safe to do so. I engaged with the group, got loads of useful tips and info, and even met one person in real life from it.


My next experience of FB groups was the best yet and it came in the form of a whisper

An invitation in real life by a friend to join a secret group about an issue that I’m incredibly passionate about. It all felt very cloak and dagger and at first I wasn’t sure if I wanted to join, it all seemed very serious and there were quite a few questions to answer before I could get approved, alongside very stringent rules.

Nonetheless I did join, and what a pleasure it has been. Talking to like-minded intelligent women in an incredibly safe space. I enjoy seeing all the posts in the group as they’re always interesting, insightful and sometimes entertaining. The group is also incredibly well run and managed and this makes a big difference to the quality of the content.

And it is with this in mind that I would like to ask you all if you would like to be part of a new women only safe space (FB group):

join below ↓

Living WELL & BEING a Woman


Who is the group for?

It’s for women who are interested in their own personal wellbeing.
It’s for ALL women including trans women although we may be discussing issues relating to vaginas, breasts, menstruation, menopause and all of the wonderful physical aspects that come from being a woman by sex, so if that makes you uncomfortable then this group isn’t for you.

What is the group for?

For women to have a safe space to discuss anything they like in regards to wellbeing and for women to offer kindness and support each other.

What can I ask?

Anything you like in regards to women’s wellbeing.

For example:

What are the best natural alternatives to antidepressants?
Has anyone tried Kundalini yoga?
Has anyone changed careers and how did you go about it?
I’m struggling getting to sleep at night – any advice?
Where can I buy vegan beauty products?
My doctor says I have IBS, should I get a second opinion?
I have horrendous period pains – what can I do?
Can anyone recommend a retreat they’ve been on that’s good for confidence?
I’ve been thinking about stopping drinking what can I do to help me make it an easier transition?
Has anyone done positive affirmations – do they work?

What can I share?

Tips and advice.
Useful, insightful or entertaining information.
Book recommendations.
Blog posts.
Newspaper articles.
Your own personal inspirational story.
Good news.

What is it not for?

Any kind of self-promotion.


If this sounds like something you could be interested in please click below ↓

Living WELL & BEING a Woman


I personally guarantee you that this WILL be a safe and confidential space.



Hey friends if you like my content please share it - Namaste

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