Hi - I'm Hannah. Very Nice to meet you.

I wear many different hats, I’m a journalist, a blogger, a copywriter and a small business owner. I’m also a mother, a daughter, a granddaughter, a sister and friend, and most importantly, I’m a woman.


Namaste friends - thanks for stopping by

I’m a happily single woman in my 40’s. It seems to be socially unacceptable to be a single woman nowadays, perhaps it always has been. From my own experience my single years have been the happiest of my life so far, and I relish every drop of freedom, independence, and autonomy that I now have.

In my late 30’s I began to see life in a new way. I started to question all the things that society had told me that as a woman I needed to be. I started to accept who I am, just as I am.

Through accepting myself more, and having the confidence to take more risks, my life has completely opened up to a whole new world. Are you 40 yet? Do you feel this also? Are you no longer bound by what other people or society thinks? I think as women we all have a little of that in us somewhere and it grows and gets stronger the older we get – what a wonderful thing.

As I mentioned I’m a journalist and I’ve worked for many years for women’s magazines writing about wellbeing. I started The Future of 40 because I have had so many amazing experiences that are worth sharing and I don’t necessarily get to write about them.

Some of the topics I cover are not very ‘acceptable’ for mainstream magazines, and also I like to swear occasionally and use slang. I have cut that down drastically for this blog you’ll be pleased to hear, but I do think a timely swear word can emphasise a point very nicely.

I generally write about all the things that I’m passionate about which is: Yoga, Writing, Books, Films, Spas, Retreats, Alternative Therapies, Plant-based Food, Relaxing Travel, Relationships, Mental Health, Body Image, Ageing, Feminism.

If you haven’t read any of my previous posts you might like A Message to my Daughter which is about understanding the way we’ve been manipulated to hate ourselves and our bodies. ‘Self-Hate, The Perfect Dress & Complete Insanity’ is about rejecting the notion that age is unattractive. And if you have loads of time on your hands then please do read my account of Anxiety in my free Ebook here.

On a final note I’d just like to add that I genuinely enjoy hearing thoughts and opinions about any of the posts that I write – have you had a similar experience, does it resonate with you – or do you disagree with my reasoning? I love connecting with like-minded women so please do drop me a line here if you feel moved to do so.


What this website is all about

My mission here at The Future of 40 is to help you accept your unique and beautiful self, feel more empowered and confident, and enjoy life as much as possible. simple.

I do this by sharing my own experiences of challenges, risks I’ve taken, lessons I’ve learned and tips I’ve gathered along the way and I try to do it in the most honest and entertaining way possible.


The blog comes in two sections: The ‘Wellbeing’ section which covers everything under the sun for women’s health and wellness.


The Vietnam Experiment’ is my account of leaving the UK to go and start a new life for myself (on my own), to a place I’ve never been to, I can’t speak the language and I don’t know anyone – I said I liked taking risks didn’t I.

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