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Years ago, when I was foolish and naive enough to think that you could find love on dating apps I signed up to a few and became a bit of a veteran dater.


It was a strange and unsettled time in my life, but I cannot deny the hours and hours of entertainment and hilarity it provided for all those around me, it was the source of some of the best stories I’ve ever had the pleasure in telling, they were so good that my friends would often say ‘Hannah please tell me that story again about the mafia dude who turned up in the full length trench coat and wouldn’t let you speak’. You get the gist.


‘Lols’ are out big time

As anyone who’s used these kind of app’s knows, there’s certain standards that you quickly adapt to sort the dross out. My own personal standards consisted of saying no to anyone who used the word ‘lol’ too much, used too many emojis, called me babe, darling, beautiful, sexy or, described themselves in certain ways.



A pet hate was someone who described themselves as ‘Beardy’. This flummoxed me. Was there something I was missing? I can see that you have a beard, half the population can grown one if they choose… please, what does this tell me about you? It isn’t any kind of achievement to my knowledge?

Secondly, and this is more common than you think – ‘Costa Lover’. Are you actually being serious? You love Costa Coffee? Not the planet, not animals, not books, no, you love coffee from a chain shop. OK, you’re a definite no, for too many reasons to note.

Maybe you think I was being too harsh, maybe I was.


Vietnamese Coffee

When I first  started researching into Vietnam one thing that constantly came up was the coffee. Thousands and thousands of coffee shops and a massive coffee scene apparently. I paid barely any notice to it at all, I’ve never really liked coffee, although I’ve tried many times over the years.

Around a week after I arrived in Hanoi my friend Miranda and I went to a coffee shop. She really wanted to try the Vietnamese coffee that she’d heard so much about it. I was happy to go along and order something else. Unfortunately when we arrived, there was nothing else on the menu so I ordered one anyway. Wow.


The Energy Coffee That Changes Life

I couldn’t believe how nice it tasted, sweet but not sickly, with a strong caramel flavour, served over ice – it was 32 degrees and just what the doctor ordered. As we sat there drinking our iced coffee and watching the hustle and bustle of the Hanoi streets the caffeine started to take effect, and god it was strong. I wondered if I was actually shaking – I wasn’t but my heart rate had certainly quickened. Miranda felt the same.

“OK, I’m glad I’ve tried it but I won’t have another one.” I naively said.

We went our separate ways. I went back to my apartment and did all of my washing that I’d been putting off for days, a Zumba workout, went to the supermarket, cooked dinner, washed up, then went for a walk after! Intense.

Anyway, fast forward a few days and I found myself wandering through the streets of Hanoi killing time before an appointment, now then what was it I could really do with ? What do I fancy? Ah yes, a Vietnamese coffee.


Drip, drip, drip

What I love about the coffee culture here is that it has a very slow pace, you order your coffee, it takes a few minutes to arrive, then you wait for it to process (you don’t mind doing this because you know how good it’s going to taste), then you drink it slowly. You don’t get a lot so you savour each mouthful and you just relax watching the world go by. The initial high that I got was short lived, I guess the body gets used to it quickly.

Now then, there’s going to be a person who is extremely dear to me and has a similar name to me who is going to be devastated by this short video that I’ve made – I was actually given a mild warning before I left – ‘Mum, please don’t do any videos’. What can I say? I’m feeling the fear and doing it anyway.


Debut Video


So where does this all lead?

What can I say? ‘Hannah Anstee: Coffee Lover.’ 😉


Hey friends if you like my content please share it - Namaste

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